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This 33 bead tasbih is made from 9mm fire-polished Czech glass beads in Light Amethyst. 


I put them together by using nylon thread with knots between each bead.  I made the tassle using cotton/cotton mix embroidery thread and I use my own handmade glass bead as the feature/guru bead.  It is made from Italian Effetre glass rods and it was made using propane and oxygen torch.  Most of the metal components used are brass and if I used other than brass, I always tried my best to use lead, cadmium and nickel free pieces.


Some of the prayer beads might feel stiff, that is caused by the type of nylon thread that I use.  In this case is waxed coated nylon.  I have used this type before and I found that it became more flexible after few uses.

Tasbih 8mm



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