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This Mala prayer beads is made from 8mm fire-polished Czech glass beads in Smokey Topaz Picasso. 


I put them together by using nylon thread with knots between each bead.  I made the tassle using cotton/cotton mix embroidery thread and I use my own handmade glass bead as the feature/guru bead.  It is made from Italian Effetre glass rods and it was made using propane and oxygen torch.  Most of the metal components used are brass and if I used other than brass, I always tried my best to use lead, cadmium and nickel free pieces.

I used the maximum number of beads for this Mala beads prayer which is 108 beads.  That makes this piece long enough for us to put it around our neck in two rounds.  Depending on the bead sizes, the bigger the beads are, the longer the prayer beads become.  To give approximately how it looks when we have it around our neck, I enclose pictures of how long it looks with single and double round. (I set my mannequin chest to 98-100cm).  Please bear in mind that this is only a rough guide as we all have different size and shaped bodies.

Mala Beads Prayer 8mm



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